About Me

I, Noel Anthony McDonald (NA) am a photographer, musician and technology enthusiast. I love taking photos and I enjoy working with people.  When you put those two attributes together, you get images that tell a story and last a lifetime.  I was born in Marston Green, England to Jamaican parents.  I'm the youngest (and wisest) of four boys.....clearly though, I'm not very humble 😜. I have an amazing wife named Claudia and together, we have 5 beautiful children; Tiphani, Melani, Marcus, Daniel and Arielle. I have a degree in Networking Technology (which basically means I'm a computer geek).  I work exclusively with Mac computers now and shoot with Nikon professional cameras.  If I can't find people to take photos of, I go out into the early morning and capture sunrises. I'll try to update this with more boring fun facts as they become available.