Mela Shania's Prom Night

Another year, another one of my beautiful young ladies that went out and painted the town red....or at least purple and blue.  I had the pleasure of documenting Mela's pre-prom session and watched her as she went on to have a blast with her girls.  Here are just a few of my favs from our shoot.  Enjoy 

Mela_Prom-Pic 01.jpg
Mela_Prom-Pic 03.jpg
Mela_Prom-Pic 04.jpg
Mela_Prom-Pic 05.jpg
Mela_Prom-Pic 06.jpg
Mela_Prom-Pic 28.jpg
Mela_Prom-Pic 08.jpg
Mela_Prom-Pic 09.jpg
Mela_Prom-Pic 10.jpg
Mela_Prom-Pic 15.jpg
Mela_Prom-Pic 29.jpg
Mela_Prom-Pic 13.jpg
Mela_Prom-Pic 27.jpg
Mela_Prom-Pic 24.jpg
Mela_Prom-Pic 25.jpg
Mela_Prom-Pic 17.jpg
Mela_Prom-Pic 18.jpg
Mela_Prom-Pic 20.jpg
Mela_Prom-Pic 19.jpg
Mela_Prom-Pic 21.jpg

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